I spent a good few days in an airport hotel in Dublin, Ireland due to work commitments. However despite the busy schedule, during my week here I managed to visit three places which I’m writing about below. I hope to come back and visit the countryside before the end of the year.

Places To Go To:

  • Temple Bar
    • I was told this is the most touristy place to have a drink in. It definitely is, but it is also one of the only places to be open till 1am on a Sunday. This place is out of this world, as its filled with tourists and live music. Everywhere you look, walls are covered in frames and little memorabilia and trinkets from visitors. The atmosphere alone is contagious. Well worth a look!
  • Guinness Storehouse 
    • One of the most famous breweries in the world, which has been on site since Arthur Guinness founded it in 1759. You will need a good 2 hours or so to go around this pint shaped building in your own time as this is all a self-guided tour. I only spent two hours in the area as I had a plane to catch, and even with that 2 hours, I felt rushed. The story starts from over 250 years ago and ends in the Gravity Bar, providing you with your complimentary pint of Guinness and a panoramic view of Dublin.

Other places I was told to visit for the future…

  • Trinity College Dublin
  • The Old Jameson Distillery
  • Ardgillan Demesne and Castle
  • Malahide Castle
  • The Chimney at Smithfield Village
  • Christ Church Cathedral
  • Dublin Castle

Places To Eat In:

  • Rustic Stone – you are paying for the experience to dine in this restaurant. Not really the most cheapest place to dine in, however the experience is quite different. If you prefer your steak to be medium or rare, the hot stone option is probably not the greatest choice, as by the time you get your steak and put it in your plate, it looks as if the steak is already well done. I’m sure there are better restaurants to try Irish Food. The truffle fries are great though!

Quick Tips:

  • Currency: Euros
    • £1 = 1.10 Euros
  • Uber or MyTaxi is the best way to get around town. From the airport to Central using uber its around 20 Euros.
  • Once you’re at the centre of Dublin, you can walk around by foot.
  • Try and get your dinner before 10:30pm, because if you don’t, you will be left with the choices of McDonalds or Burger King.
  • I’m not sure if I was in the city during a less touristy time of the year, or maybe because my destination is only within Europe, however, it only took me 20 minutes to check my bags in, get through security, get a quick snack and lounge about before boarding the plane.
  • I was told you can stay in the Trinity College Accommodation during the summer. However, Summer accommodation is available from the end of May to mid-September.
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